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The new Spanish government will cancel the solar tax

Number of clicks:2272018-07-26 22:20:37 source: Guangdong Sinpo New Materials Co.,Ltd

The new Spanish government may implement the distributed power solar tax cancellation policy introduced by the former government in the fall of 2015.

Spain’s new Minister of Ecology, Teresa Ribera, said in her official statement on the more ambitious 2030 EU renewable energy target released yesterday that the Ministry of Ecology will support the European Parliament’s ban on so-called “solar taxes” and the development of self for solar homes and businesses. Barriers to consumption patterns. However, more details on when taxes can be cancelled are not available.

Last week, the Spanish solar energy association Unef announced support for the appointment of TeresaRibera. According to the Unef Association, "We hope that the ministry will abide by the commitments of the new government's political plan, including the elimination of the well-known solar taxes and the current administrative obstacles to self-consumption projects.

The abolition of the solar tax may further boost the rooftop PV market in Spain, especially the C&I project. According to regulations, only photovoltaic systems below 10 kW can be exempted from taxes.

Although solar taxes came into effect, last year, about 135 megawatts of new photovoltaic systems were connected to the Spanish grid. This increase is significantly greater than the previous three years, which is mainly driven by small-scale grid-connected photovoltaic systems and agricultural independent systems.

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