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Sinpo Group at the 2018REI India Renewable Energy Expo

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Sinpo Group at the 2018REI India Renewable Energy Expo


Renewable Energy India Expo (REI), the most influential and largest photovoltaic event in South Asia, kicked off in new Delhi on 18th September, 2018. Global photovoltaic manufacturers and industry insiders gathered here to exchange the latest technologies and promote the thriving photovoltaic industry in Asia and even the world.



As a leading supplier of photovoltaic backsheet in China, the overseas team of Sinpo Group presented the exhibition with the latest research and design of photovoltaic backsheet and reflection film, Daimond wire and Fluorocarbon coating.


Passionate Sinpo Team



The Indian market is the main overseas market of Sinpo, and the exhibition has received customers from 150 companies in total. At the exhibition, we visit old customers, receive new customers, and the booth of sripa is always crowded, and the overseas team is dedicated to providing professional on-site service for each customer visiting.



According to the recent changes in India's policy on import of solar panels and components, we will face more opportunities, and sepat will seize more business opportunities and be confident to continue to make more contributions to the development of Indian photovoltaic industry.


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